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#13307493 Jun 19, 2017 at 05:43 AM
Which Team are you applying for:

Casual until geared with logs. Goal being night guild.

Basic Info

Character Name:
Main Spec:
Off Spec:
Affliction, can also demo depending on FOTM
Armory Link:
BattleTag or alternate way to contact:


Previous/Current Raid Experience:
Raided ffxiv at a high level most of this expac, did get 7/7h EN on shadow priest
What addons do you use for raiding:
Weakaura, shadowed unit frames, bigwigs, details, tidy plates
Please provide a screenshot of your UI in raid:
Can you link any current logs:
Heres a random ursoc from my shadow priest, Enfeeble. I can get more up to date ones on my warlock as I gear.
What were your previous guilds and reasons for leaving:
Played casually in this game with friends while raiding at a decently high level in FFXIV. Want to begin raiding Wow in a mythic progression environment and feel the best way to get into the scene with no high tier wow raiding experience is to join a progression guild as a casual until geared enough to trial and go from there.

I also play a lot of dota and overwatch
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#13357477 Jul 19, 2017 at 03:41 PM
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Thanks for your interest Yodota, but at this time we are going to pass. We are currently in need of a Warlock who is ready to be brought into Mythic ToS. Goodluck with your search.
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