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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Aug 11, 2017)
Mythic Desolate Host
(Jul 21, 2017)
Mythic Demonic Inquisition
(Jul 14, 2017)
Mythic Harjatan
(Apr 06, 2017)
Mythic Star Augur
(Mar 24, 2017)
Mythic Tichondrius spriest pov
(Mar 03, 2017)
M Spellblade too
(Mar 03, 2017)
M spellblade
(Mar 01, 2017)
M Bot Sry bad quality from stream
(Mar 01, 2017)
High Botanist video is up Back to homework
(Feb 10, 2017)
The bloopers were fantastic
(Feb 10, 2017)
lol Willie, did the same thing yesterday..
(Feb 10, 2017)
mythic krosus video up, watch the end :D
(Feb 02, 2017)
lol i love zem reaction at the end
(Feb 02, 2017)
Mythic Trilliax kill video is up, dat clutch dispers doe! Gj all
(Jan 30, 2017)
Got a legendary from a tiny world treasure box yesterday. Don't ignore them we you see them while doing world quest!
(Jan 27, 2017)
ya we will always have multi pov, maybe more when other ppl try to record