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[Pinned] Medivh's Legion prep guide

Nice little googledoc people put together outlining everything from pre legion preparing, to artifact, mythic dungeon, raids and classes for Legion itself.Some nice pointers on leveling and early Legion priorities as well.
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General Discussion

Trauma WoW kill videos

Hello,Here I'll post our kill videos as we down new boss. This is nothing professionnal, but I'll try to improve the quality overtime by going with Adobe Premiere soon, gotta learn it first. I also need to find a way to record at higher quality, s...
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mage FB bug on time bosses really thought my keyboard was broken...
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Raiding Soundtracks

Every guild forum needs this type of thread. Post what you love and/or currently are listening to during raid to help stay pumped, motivated, optimistic, horny, whatever! I personally like to listen to music from other lyrics is a plus...
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Corrupt a mawfkin wish

Your task is simple:Grant the wish made by the user above you, while at the same time corrupting it in whatever way you wish to make it different than what the previous user originally intended.Afterwards, you make your own wish, which in turn wil...
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Statistics of Logs

I just found this great thing and want to share with you (if you didn't know as me).When you go to warcraft logs and click on this "statistics", like a stock line, for a specific boss, it'll tell you the average dps of all class specs. Here is whe...
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Zematorium's School Thesis Project

Hey guys, Zem here. I wanted to take a moment to share a project that I'll be working on until December of this year.Freedom FighterTo clarify, this isn't any regular school project, it's what's considered the Thesis project for myself and about 9...
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AMR Updated DPS Sims

For those interested, since Simcraft does not have updated ratings for 110, nor does AMR publish a list, I compiled one found here, [Google Docs]There are notes on the page about how I ran it, and the parameters.If you want me to run a specific si...
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Rogue Compendium

Rogue Compendium, Updated DynamicallyUse the above for all your stabby stabby needs. Join the Discord too.Since the new FotM class is now Demon Hunters, rogues are looking to be cast back to the shadows. However, that is where the rogues are stron...
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CM teams

This is just to outline who is on which team, up to each team for days/times that work for everyone.Goldofa- tankmissa- healkarasayrestarconnSilverdead- tanksmoker- healbrutorevshupp*dead is available in june to tank for silver group.Some people ...
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Trauma Artists!

Hey guys!! I just wanted to share something that I spent awhile to make!! some upvotes while you check it out too! :DAlso, if you guys make anything post it here! I'd love to see what our guildies can do!!
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So much crap coming in legion. Im actually really excited. I might actually xmog!
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Coming attractions rdy to farm that valor
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Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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